A firm favourite double taper that we have brought back for 2021. Unreel Double Tapers are easy casting extra smooth and supple fly lines that work exceptionally well on slower action fly rods.


Traditional slow to medium actioned fly rods tend to perform much better with a double tapered fly line, due to more modern weight forward options overpowering and working against the rods natural action. Double taper lines are an absolute must for any fly angler that enjoys split cane fly rods with their very slow action. Double taper fly lines in their lighter weights can even be used as a Euro nymph line with the enhanced ability to cast dry flies a long distance.


Some of the advantages of double taper lines are that they provide a much more delicate presentation (good for dry flies) and if paired with the correct rod can cast incredible distances. Some of the main disadvantages of double tapered lines are that they do not fare well in the wind, tend to need a slower action fly rod (most modern rods are medium-fast and faster) as well as being slower to initially load due to the fly lines weight being in the belly or middle as opposed to near the tip, or forward weighted.


Available in floating with a  low key mossy green colour.



Taper  |  double or belly

Type  |  floating

Length  |  100 foot

Connections  |  two welded loops

Core  |  multi-strand braided

Colour  |  mossy green

Memory  |  low to non

Stretch  |  low to non

Unreel Double Taper