The Seeker


REEL Fly Fishing specializes in quality fly lines that offer you specific tapers, designs and abilities for each of the ranges. The Seeker series weight-forward sinking tip fly line is a versatile line that lends itself well to fishing rivers and streams. Full sinking lines are generally used in still waters as opposed to sinking tip fly line. Sinking tip lines are also sometimes called shooting headlines as the physical weight of the front sinking section rapidly loads a fly rod and shoots/pulls the running line out with this weight.  The first 15 feet of the Seeker fly line is sinking (3IPS) and will help to get your flies down in rivers like the Vaal and Orange river. The normal sink rate sinking tip is also a very effective line when fishing still waters from a float tube or when fishing channels and ledges for cruising fish.


The Taper


The normal sinking tip of the Seeker series fly lines are a good option for slower moving sections of rivers as well as still waters. The taper has a weighted 15′ tip section offering quicker loading and improved accuracy, while the floating 65′ running line keeps the remainder of your line out of snags/harms way on rivers. A traditional weight forward taper is applied so that the lines can be matched with weight corresponding fly rods in a multitude of actions. Extra-fast fly rods can handle the Seeker series of fly lines in a overweighted setup, meaning a 7wt fly rod can be paired with the Seeker WF8F/S depending on your casting style.


The Core


All our fly lines at RF Fishing make use of a multi-strand braided core construction. The advantages of our braided core technology mean no stretch, no memory and vast improved feedback into your fly rod and hands. PE or Polyethylene is an incredible strong fiber that is used in braided fishing lines as well as in the RF Fishing fly line cores. Braided fibers offer high strength to weight and diameter rations but also gives fly lines some rigidity or back bone. Utilizing the rigidity provided by braid we can adjust them for each specific fly fishing line giving you the best performance in each respective area.

Seeker Fly Line

  • The Specs

    • Weight Forward Floating  |  3 – 9 wt
    • Type  |  freshwater and salt water
    • Length in feet  |  90 – 100
    • Outer Coating  |  PVC out coating
    • Core   |  braided multi-strand PE core


    What’s Included

    • Seeker sinking series fly fishing line
    • Seasonal sticker/vinyl
    • Product assurance insert
    • Protective box and packaging

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