Salty Dog  |  One who spends time on the ocean a lot, such as a sailor


Over the past two years, REEL Fly Fishing has taken what we learned from feedback and testing of our Brute range to heart, in December of 2018 we had our final idea for the next evolution of our saltwater fly rods. We are proud to announce the 2020 Salty Dog range of fly rods, built to offer superior performance, accuracy and rapid loading.


The Build


Looking at the physical build we searched for a robust salt waterproof set of guides and components, FUJI came to the party with their incredible Alconite Guides that are light stronger and more durable. A fully machined gloss black double up-locking anodized aluminium reel seat matches beautifully with our reduced diameter AAA grade cork handle and is saltwater safe.  Most fly rods built on a larger capacity have an extra build-up of resin around the rod wraps and decals, in an effort to minimize weight and increase responsiveness we worked closely with our manufacturer to create wraps that are smooth, clean and ultra-low profile. The rod decal wrap, for example, is almost unnoticeable.


The Blank Technology


Utilizing a new 8 layer design with vertical, horizontal and diagonal wrapping and through the 40T and 30T (IM10 grade) carbon fibre we have created a slim but incredibly powerful and responsive blank that shoots lines farther with pinpoint accuracy. This new technology has proven to increase casting distance by up to 27% over our previous generation of rods while being lighter in hand physically, at 124g our SaltyDog 9wt is a pleasure to use all day. 40T SK carbon offers rigidity, speed and power, while the 30T adds flexibility and strength to the blank's action. Welding these two carbons together through the 8 layer lattice is what gives the SaltyDog a familiar easy to use fast action, but when pushed hard pushes back to give you the performance you need to shoot heavy large saltwater flies.


**replacement sections available at a nominal fee, with zero waiting and no need for returning the rod to us, send us a picture and we will be able to arrange the section at a moments notice**

Salty Dog

R1 999,00Price
Rod Length
  • The Specs

    Length  |   9 to 10 foot

    Weight  |  7 and 9

    Action  |  Fast

    Sections  |  4

    Colour  |  Pearl Grey

    Grip  |  AAA Full Wells with hard wear sections

    Guides  |  Fuji Alconite

    Reel Seat  |  Type II black anodized up-locking

    Rod Tube  |  Blue Material rod tube with soft black protective rod bag


    The low down on the rods

    • 7wt – 10 footer – is an ideal rod for chasing Grunter on the mud flats, teasing juvenile Garrick, probing for Largemouth Yellows or wrestling Carp and Catfish. Being a 10′ rod also provides you with more tippet protection and a more usable arc in the rod when compared to a faster 9′ option.
    • 9wt – 9 footer -a faster more power version , well suited to lighter salt water applications as well as the surf. Great option for larger flies and when targeting larger Garrick/Leeries as well as catfish.

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