The InSight


REEL Fly Fishing specializes in quality fly lines that offer you specific tapers, designs and abilities for each of the ranges. The top end InSight series weight forward floating line is a versatile line that lends itself well to both nymph and dry fly fishing in fresh water. The 30ft head weight for the InSight series leans towards an over weighted grain of the AFFTA approved fly line weight specifications. This unique taper translates into a line that offers easy loading on medium-fast to fast action fly rods and is great option for fly casters of a more adept level. Fast to extra-fast fly rods generally require a heavier weighted/grained fly line to easily and effectively load them.


The Taper


The weight forward taper on the InSight series is the ultimate line for the river and still water fly angler. The taper has a shortened head design offering quicker loading and improved accuracy ,while the moderate length belly lends itself well to performing longer casts with accurate presentation in wrapped up in one fly lines. The longer front taper and shorter read taper allow you to accurately shoot out line when needed but also turn over nymphs and strike indicators. The 30ft head weight on the InSight range is even heavier than that of the Gold series, however the overall head weight is lighter, this results in a fly line that gives exceptional results when distance casting as opposed to the more generalized taper in the Gold series.


The InSight range also features a host of specialized additives to the outer coating that further increase slickness, reduce friction and increase line speed while passing through the guides.


The Core


All our fly lines at RF Fishing make use of a multi-strand braided core construction. The advantages of our braided core technology mean no stretch, no memory and vast improved feedback into your fly rod and hands. PE or Polyethylene is an incredible strong fiber that is used in braided fishing lines as well as in the RF Fishing fly line cores. Braided fibers offer high strength to weight and diameter rations but also gives fly lines some rigidity or back bone. Utilizing the rigidity provided by braid we can adjust them for each specific fly fishing line giving you the best performance in each respective area.


InSight WF Floating

Fly Line colour
  • The Specs

    • Weight Forward Floating  |  3 – 7 wt
    • Type  |  Freshwater
    • Connection  |  Reinforced welded loops on both ends
    • Triple Color  |  Green front section with orange body and light brown running line   |    Olive front section with light brown body and slate running line
    • Length in feet  |  90 – 100
    • Outer Coating  |  PVC out coating
    • Core   |  Braided multi-strand PE core

    What’s Included

    • RF InSight series fly fishing line
    • RF Fishing seasonal sticker/vinyl
    • RF Fishing product assurance insert
    • Protective box and packaging

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