Fusion  |  the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.


We have spent the past 3 years compiling feedback and suggestions to create the Fusion range of fly reels. Anglers want a robust, durable salt water capable fly reel that is cost effective but stylish. The drag system needed to be smooth but powerful and with low start-up inertia and silky smooth operation. Capacity for salt water is always a stress point, we adjusted the large arbor for this using a more curved design on 5 weight and above sizes. The smaller Fusion fly reels have a squared off spool for uniform retrieval and large capacity for backing.


The Build


Fusion fly reels are manufactured through an accurate high pressure cast lightweight alloy process. CNC machines perfect our Fusion reels and get them prepared for the black powder coating treatment. Salt water is extremely corrosive however all the internal components are stainless steel to withstand this.


The Drag


One of the most important parts of any fly reel is the drag, not the maximum pressure but the start up inertia. Utilizing Rulon and Stainless Steel the drag system provides almost no start up inertia and remains silky smooth even when locked down fully. Sealing the drag system is essential to avoid poor performance as well as to provide maintenance free operation. Instant anti-backlash helps you to fight fish on the reel without the fear of any dropped tension.

Fusion Fly Reel

R1 075,00 Regular Price
R675,00Sale Price
  • Weights available  |   3.4   |   5.6   |   7.8

    Large arbor with deep capacity

    Salt water safe with a little extra care

    Low audible click check on incoming and outgoing line | can be made silent

    Simple left to right hand retrieval conversion

    Reliable sealed multiplayer stainless steel and Rulon disk drag

    Close  and precise tolerances

    Backlash free instant drag engagement

    Size   |    Weight   |   Capacity

    34           135g            WF4+70m|20lb

    56           161g            WF6+92m|20lb

    78           169g            WF8+140m|20lb


    In the Box

    Fusion fly reel

    Instruction and care guide

    Protective reel pouch

    Seasonal sticker

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