The Euro Nymph Style


REEL Fly Fishing specializes in quality fly lines that offer you specific tapers, designs and abilities for each of the ranges. Our Euro/Czech Nymph specific range is a floating fresh water fly line that has an exceptionally thin diameter of 0.55mm and no taper. The specialized nature of this line fits perfectly with our Euro nymph fly rods and has been designed to offer minimal drag but maximum feedback. We have rated the line as a 0 weight, due to the lack of any taper, however the line works on all Euro style fly rods from 0 to 5 weight.


The Taper


Our knowledge and testing period has enabled us to create a dedicated Euro/Czech style no taper fly line. The flexibility of the Euro nymph range of lines allows you to now only use it as a dedicated Euro style line but can also be used to effectively fish buzzers and dry flies when required. Removing the taper and reducing the cores diameter has created an extremely thin, low drag but supply line that will elevate your Euro nymph fly fishing to new heights. You can utilize either end of the line depending on your preference and overall usage. There are two ways to use this style of line, you can either loop it onto your existing line which helps increase retrieval rate and removes the need to spool a new fly reel up with the line, or option two where you use a slight oversize reel and fill it i the conventional way for use as a dedicated Euro nymph reel,line and rod combination.


PVC coatings used in the our fly lines are incredibly durable and buoyant and will offer years of usage when cared for correctly.


The Core


All our fly lines at RF Fishing make use of a multi-strand braided core construction. The advantages of the braided core technology means no stretch, no memory and vastly improved feedback into your fly rod and hands. PE or Polyethylene is an incredibly strong fiber that is used in braided fishing lines as well as in the REEL Fly line cores. The  Euro|Czech Nymph fly line makes use of a much thinner 12lb braided core in comparison to 20lb in most of our other fly fishing lines. The thinner core is used to reduce the diameter dramatically providing you with decreased drag and physical weight but increased sensitivity and feedback.

Euro Nymph

  • The Specs

    • No Taper Floating  |  0 wt  |  no taper  |  thin diameter
    • Type  |  freshwater Euro/Czech nymph
    • Connection  |  reinforced exposed loops on both ends
    • Single Color  |  mossy green or orange & moss green & cream
    • Length in feet  |  100  |  33 foot per colour section
    • Outer Coating  |  polyethylene out coating
    • Core   |  braided 12lb multi-strand braid  |  0.55mm thickness

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