Fluorocarbon is similar to mono-filament based fly fishing in terms of the manufacturing process, however, the molecular makeup is far different. Fluorocarbon is noticeably heavier and denser, the properties of the line's makeup also allow for similar light-reflecting properties as water. This in turn allows fluorocarbon to become almost invisible once submerged. Fluorocarbon is a harder line and has higher abrasion resistance, better feedback and less stretch when compared to nylon monofilament lines.


The advantages of our dedicated saltwater fluorocarbon mean you get the same proven track record as our much loved freshwater Covert fluorocarbon but with a few special additives to enhance its strength and abrasion for saltwater conditions. The Covert range is also well suited to targeting larger freshwater species such as Largemouth Yellowfish, Bass and Barb


  • Length  | 50-meter spool with carrying case
  • Strengths available  |  12lb  & 16lb
  • Includes spool tender
  • Manufactured in Japan
  • High knot strength  |  be sure to use the appropriate knot for fluorocarbon


The best knots to use for fluorocarbon (no matter the brand) are the Trilene knot as well as the Uni-knot.


Covert Saltwater FLUOROCARBON