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Fried wild mushrooms with bacon and scrambled egg


We headed out on a nice warm autumn morning to find some wild mushrooms. As we had little experience on foraging fungi, we brought along Fabio, who spent most of his childhood foraging with his father.

Due to certain Covid-19 restrictions, we couldn’t enter the Newlands forest park, so settled for some urban foraging instead. We managed to find a few porcini mushrooms, with which we made the following brunch!


Wild foraged porcini mushrooms sliced

Streaky bacon diced (optional)

2 cloves of garlic diced

Fresh chopped parsley

6 free-range eggs

Cherry tomatoes

Parmesan cheese grated

Sourdough bread toasted



Step 1:

On a high heat use, a heavy pan and add butter and bring to a slight bubble. Add the bacon and fry until crispy. Add the mushrooms to the bacon fat and fry until soft.

Step 2:

Add the garlic, and parsley, and fry until garlic is soft. Add the tomatoes and fry until blistered.

Step 3:

Beat the eggs with some salt and pepper, and add to a non-stick pan with a little olive oil. Fry until soft, but not runny, or to your liking.

Step 4:

Place the mushroom and bacon mix on freshly toasted sourdough bread, cover with scrambled egg and grate some fresh parmesan cheese on top.

Watch the video here:

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