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Who we are

Pierre and Jared are cousins who spent most of their childhood playing outdoors. Their passion for hunting and all things outdoors started with gatherings at their grandparent's house, in a small town of the Orange Freestate in South Africa. 

From an early age, the boys hunted small game like rabbits, pigeon, and guinea fowls, along with fishing in the river. This then advanced into hunting bigger game on the plains of Africa. Even though we have grown up, we still occasionally use a good old slingshot to harvest some food.


Boiled Egg Safari is the quest for us to gain more experience in the outdoors. It's all about obtaining good food by hunting, fishing, or foraging. We like to know where our food comes from, and we would like to showcase how hunters and non-hunters alike can obtain, or prepare pure free-ranged food. 


Creative Mastermind >


With 20 years in the film industry, Pierre brings the creative eye and editing. 

Pierre has spent many years hunting in Africa with a rifle and shotgun. Wingshooting has become his favoured way of gathering fresh air protein. 


Cook >


Jared spend the first few years of his career working in restaurants as a chef. He brings the inspiration to the cooking.

He recently picked up archery, and more importantly, traditional archery, and hopes to gain more experience as a bow hunter.

Boiled Egg Safari

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